Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Liverpool Way in action- Taking back our club

It used to be player power.

Thanks to Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso and, even further back, Michael Owen, an evil that has become epidemic in the beautiful game and has led to selfish individuals holding entire football clubs to ransom spread all the way to the footballing fortress of Anfield, a place where the phrase, "Nobody is bigger than the club" has usually rung true.

Now it's fan power that is all the rage on Merseyside as Liverpool supporters finally unite in their passionate opposition to the raping and pillaging of our club by two Americans who scarcely deserve the term "businessmen."

"Conmen" or "cowboys" would no doubt provide a more adequate description of the pair of parasites who have done nothing but harm to one of Britain's most prestigious sporting and cultural institutions.

During the first few years of Tom Hicks' and George Gillett's ownership many fans were either unsure of who to blame for the clubs ills, or were placated by the consistent over-achievement from Rafael Benitez's side.

Don't get me wrong; some fans have been firmly opposed to the Americans presence at the club for the majority of their stay. However, as long as supporters had other people to blame (the manager, the players, injuries, poor refereeing) a unified attack against them was always unlikely.

However, the recent departure of Rafael Benitez has finally led to a cohesive movement and a fierce resilience against the owners in what has been a massive push to take back our club from the cowboys who've stolen it from us.

Although I am a big Benitez fan and was disappointed to see him leave, his removal means that supporters no longer have any excuse in not acting against the Americans.

Nobody can blame Benitez's tactics for the team's performance anymore. The blame must lie solely at the feet of Hicks and Gillett, whose leveraged buy-out and transfer policy has racked the club with debt and severely weakened our squad; to such an extent that finishing in the top seven would constitute success in the eyes of most reasonable supporters.

Of course, you'll always get some armchair fans that won't participate in the email campaigns and the protests that are currently dominating the majority of supporters minds.

These are the "supporters" who are calling for Hodgson's head after only six League matches.

Yes, Hodgson could have displayed more tactial acumen during his opening matches and has failed to prove successful so far. However, you've got to look beyond current results and performances of the players and the manager, and concentrate on the lack of proper investment, which has undermined the team for years now.

Thankfully, those unwillingly to join action groups against the Yanks are now in the insignificant minority and those determined to make their voices heard are making a significant impact on the banks negotiating a re-financing arrangement with Hicks.

The Blackstone Group, a bank believed to have been close to re-financing Hicks, pulled out of discussions with him after a barrage of emails from angry supporters crashed the financial institution's email system.

Similar email campaigns have been targeted at Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank and RBS and they appear to have worked to some extent as well.

It was recently reported in some sections of the media that RBS, who the owners owe £237 million, have placed the Yanks loan into the category of "toxic debt" implying that they are unlikely to consider re-financing the pair.

Amidst the hub of internet forums constantly creating new ideas as to how to oust Hicks and Gillett, there have also been several protests around and inside Anfield with more planned before, after and during Sunday's Premier League match at home to Blackpool.

The determination and togetherness in heading towards one united goal epitomises the legacy of the great Bill Shankly, who surely would have been as vehemently opposed to the current owners as we are.

Shanks said:

“Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory, and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say, 'We're Liverpool'.”

That's what he managed to do. He built up a family of people dedicated and passionate about Liverpool Football Club, who will not let the club we love go to ruin at the hands of two conmen trying to exploit us for their own profit.

This spirit is the main foundation of "The Liverpool Way". For far too long "The Liverpool Way" has been ignored, disrespected and abused by Tom Hicks and George Gillett. They are two individuals with no interest or concern for the club whatsoever.

Now, through the power of unity and purpose of will we, the fans and true custodians of the club, can finally take back our club.

We must use every medium possible to let the owners know that they are not welcome anywhere.

We must inform the banks of our intention to boycott their company if they re-finance Tom Hicks.

We must save Liverpool Football Club.



  1. not so sure you should be putting alonso in the same boat as mascharano and owen there mate!!!

  2. yeh, on second thoughts alonso deserves more respect than the other two as he didn't exactly speak out much against the club or refuse to play/give a new manager a chance like masch and owen did respectively. however, the fact remains that we had to sell him against our wishes because he wanted to leave. a milder form of player power, but all the same...

    anyway, we made £20 million on him. if rafa had spent that money on someone other than aquilani then we might not miss the spaniard as much as we do.