Sunday, 5 September 2010

Carra- A True Liverpool Legend

When the Kop dreams of a "Team of Carragher's" they aren't dreaming of a team full of 32 year-old centre backs with a goalscoring record of five goals in 636 appearances starting for the Reds every week.

No, they are dreaming of eleven men pulling on the Red shirt with the same pride, passion and commitment that Jamie Carragher does.

They are dreaming of eleven men who care about the club and the city of Liverpool representing them every time they touch the Anfield turf.

They are dreaming of a team full of players devoting their entire careers to the club, and remaining with the mighty Reds through thick and thin.

This attitude of whole-hearted commitment to the Liverpool cause is epitomised by club legend Jamie Carragher. Although he was raised an Evertonian, and followed the Toffees home and away and even across Europe during his formative years, Carragher is now known as Mr Liverpool.

He's a player who fans can proudly point to and say, "That's the Liverpool Way."

The Liverpool Way that was instituted by the great Bill Shankly. The Liverpool Way that demands a passion for the club, the city and the supporters. The Liverpool Way that, even now, separates us as a different and special club.

Carragher may not be the perfectly polished modern centre back, able to comfortably start attacks from the back, carry the ball out of defence and even contribute regularly in the goals department.

However, he is exactly what sums up everything good about Liverpool Football Club and English football in general. Gritty, determined, honest, hard-working and passionate you will never see Carra shirk a challenge or give anything less than 100%.

After 15 years of wearing the Liverpool shirt Carragher's love for the club has never waned. He has always remained enthusiastic and positive, and yet refreshingly honest about all aspects of the club.

He is not the type of modern footballer who has had long, tedious sessions of media training in which they are taught how to give stock answers to every question thrown in their direction that leave the supporters none the wiser as to the true situation at the club.

Carra's honesty in his interviews endears him to supporters instantly, and provides a welcome change for fans. When he has had a bad game, he tells us about it. When he is disappointed, he tells us about it. When the men at the top of the club are bleeding us dry he hasn't remained silent. He has spoken of the desperate need for change if we are to move forward and progress to a brighter future.

Ultimately, that is why the fans love Carragher so much. He is one of us.

He cares about the club just as much, if not even more, then the supporters. He knows what Liverpool Football Club means to so many people around the world, and realises how fortunate he is to have been given the opportunity to play for the best and most successful football club in British history for so many years.

And, in an age where the Premier League is saturated with foreign players, many of whom have no connection to their clubs, the values of loyalty and commitment that are inherent in Carragher are highly valued amongst supporters and manager's alike.

That's why Jamie Carragher is a true Liverpool legend, and why we will forever dream of a team of Carragher's.


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