Friday, 11 June 2010

Rafa. Legend. Fact.

You may hate his zonal marking, you may despise his so-called "negative" tactics, and his signings in the transfer window may infuriate you, but there is still one thing that nobody can deny.

Not only is Rafa Benitez one of the world's best football managers, he's also a genuinely warm and friendly guy.

Contrary to the popular (and incorrect) image that the media seem to have manufactured for him, Rafa is a very friendly and humble bloke. Ask most of the people who have met him and they'll tell you the same.

Rafa showed his amazing love for the club, and the supporters especially, this week as he returned to Merseyside in secret to donate £96,000 to the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG), £1000 for every fan who tragically died on that fateful day.

It was a great gesture by the Spaniard, and one which reveals his true love and passion for the club. Most other managers who had suffered the same sort of abuse that Benitez endured from the media, the owners and even some supporters, would have left the club and not looked back.

Yet Rafa not only returned to Liverpool quickly after his appointment as manager of Champions League winners Inter Milan, but also donated a large sum of money to HFSG.

Of course, you'll always get some journalists, and a minority of supporters, who will say that it was just a PR move designed to gain popularity amongst Reds fans. Firstly, Rafa doesn't need to gain popularity as many supporters already see him as a Liverpool legend. Also, as I've shown above, few others managers would even consider doing what Rafa did. It was a magnificent move from Benitez, and one that endears us to him greatly.

Rafa, we wish you all the best at Inter. Rest assured, you're a Liverpool legend.

(UPDATE: Rafa has also just recently (24th June) given a substantial amount of money to the Rhys Jones Memorial Fund. Rhys Jones was an avid Everton fan who was tragically shot dead on the way home from football training. Rafa said, "I am doing this on behalf of the people that cannot. I know that every person would have loved to give the Fund a donation but they are in hard times and can't find the extra cash." Benitez has also donated money to a Merseyside care home. These acts of generosity show that Rafa is a true gentlemen, and a Liverpool legend. Thanks Rafa, You'll Never Walk Alone.)

You'll Never Walk Alone


  1. do U care enough?
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  2. chris, i'd love to buy a share and put some money into ShareLiverpool but i'm 16, i literally cannot remember ever having £500, let alone £500 spare to give to ShareLiverpool.