Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Have you heard the news? According to Tom Hicks Snr. Liverpool are going to spend big in the summer transfer window. Oh yeh, wait a minute, haven't we heard these lies before? When he was introduced as one of the new owners of Liverpool Football Club (which is one of the darkest days in our history, even worse then losing 2-1 to Worcester City in the FA Cup in the pre Shankly era) the Americans claimed that they would support Rafa, and give him money, even if he wanted to buy "snoogy doogy". Who, or what, "snoogy doogy" is i'll never know, but the point is they promised to give Rafa the money to sign any player they wanted. Yet, Liverpool have repeatedly been outbid for players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Michael Essien and Simao Sambrosa.

Another lie those scumbags told us was that they'd start building a new stadium within 60 days of them taking over ownership of our great club. They claimed that there would be something that looked like a swimming pool developing on Stanley Park. I haven't seen many old age pensioners heading for an earling morning swim down Stanley Park recently. Neither have i seen a spade in the ground. Yet another lie from the cowboys that have run our club into the ground with their lies.

The Yanks displayed the full extent of their footballing knowledge when they appoarched Jurgen Klinsmann to take over from Rafa Benitez as manager, during Novmber 2007. Hicks and Gillett, with their incredible intellect, somehow thought that Jurgen Klinsmann, who managed only one season at German giants Bayern Munich because their owners were worried that he couldn't achieve qualification for the Champions League, was a better option than Rafael Benitez, who has obtained Champions League qualification in every season that he has been with Liverpool. Under his managerial reign, Liverpool even won the competition for the first time in 21 years, in 2005, after an unforgettable night in Istanbul, and finished as runners up in 2007, after dominating the final against Italian side AC Milan.

Tom Hicks even claimed that, "we never use player sales for debt service." What do you use it for then Hicks? Filling your pockets? Because there certainly hasn't been any investment coming from your pockets Mr Hicks. Rafa only got 10 GRAND to spend this summer. Ok, or do you somehow think that this reprents "heavy investment". My arse is it!

Of course all this comes days after Tom Hicks Jnr. resigned from his position on the board, after replying to an email from a supporter concerned with the levels of investment in the team, by saying, "Blow me f*** face. Go to hell. I'm sick of you." Of course, later that day an apology was sent, which was not worth the paper it was written on. It was just a PR exercise designed to save face which, thankfully, didn't work.

Incredibly disgusting bile and lies are what Liverpool fans are used to now, but are completely unacceptable all the same. We line his pockets by going to matches, buying merchandise and consuming food at Anfield and yet they don't even have the common decency to reply respectfully and politely to an email. Disgusting, and i for one can't wait to see the day when the Yanks leave Anfield forever. They're a disgrace, and don't deserve to be associated with our famous football club. The sooner their gone, the better.



  1. Great article, man, you summarize just how much the Yanks have done for us, and we should thank them by asking them to gtfo from our beloved club. I'LL CONTRIBUTE $100 TO GET THEM AWAY TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AWAY FROM LFC.

  2. i would do the same mate, but unfortuanately their looking for around £500 million to sell the club, which is a massive overvaluation. The club is probably worth more like £350-£400 million. if only i was a billionaire....